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A worldwide online marketplace, which will offer the sale of chemicals, excess chemical inventory and chemical equipment referral services and listings. This site will include a chemical and chemical companies search engine that will be able to search by chemical, location and/or company. This site will service the following industries: chemical distribution, chemical processing, electroplating, food processing, metal processing, municipal water treatment, municipal wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, specialty chemicals.

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All of the names listed below will be re-directed to CHEMICALFORSALE.COM. These generic names have proven to generate a significant amount of traffic. As chemical manufacturers and chemical distributors you should be associated with the names of the products you produce and/or distribute. This will allow you to capitalize on the enormous audience that the worldwide web represents. If you want to be found, you will want to be listed here.

CHEMICALS Acetic acid, vinegar, glacial acetic, USP, acetone Aluminum sulfate, made by treating bauxite with sulfuric acid, ALUM Ammonium chloride, AKA: sal ammoniac, NH4Cl Ammonium hydroxide, aqua ammonia, ammonium hydrate, NH4OH Anhydrous ammonia, NH3 Calcium citrate, lime citrate Calcium hypochlorite, Calcium nitrate, Caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, NAOH, Dipropylene glycol, Ethylenediamine, Ethylene glycol, Fluosilicic acid, FS, HFS, hydrofluosilicic acid, fluorosilicic acid,
H2SiF6 : Hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid, HCL, hydrogen chloride, Hydrofluoric acid, HF, HFS, fluosilicic acid, hydrogen fluoride Hydrogen chloride, HCL, hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid, Isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, propyl alcohol, isopropanol Magnesium carbonate, MGCO3, magnesite Nitric acid, galvanizing, plating, aqua fortis, fuming nitric acid Oleic acid, fatty acid, tall oil, animal tallow, soap Potassium carbonate, K2CO3, potash, pearl ash Potassium phosphate, K2HPO4, KH2PO4, K3PO4, DKP, MKP Soda caustic, sodium hydroxide, NAOH, Sodium bisulfite, NAHSO3, USP Sodium chlorite, NAClO2, oxidizing, bleaching agent Sodium citrate, trisodium citrate Sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, NAOH, sodium hydrate Sodium hypochlorite, industrial bleach, NAOCl, chlorine Sodium salt, Surface active agents, surfactants, wetting agents

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This site is under construction and some names could be for sale or lease.

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